Dear Customers and Partners , 

This wednesday we had the pleasure of being at a GIG workshop together with our Import Supervisor , our Import Coordinator and our Airport Customs Broker .

This Seminar was about the  new system to be implemented in all brazilian airports , focusing, better performance and costs reduction in our imports procedures. 

This new system called CCT(Controle de Carga em Transito) to be effective

July 2020 , will make us , the Forwarders , the responsible party to fullfill the HAWB into their new System 4 hours prior aircraft parking . 

HAWB to be fullfilled with the usual information , such as Consignee details with Tax ID , if CCL or PPD , if wooden crated with the fumigation certification informed , etc . 

Weight tolerance will keep the 5% max.

There is also improuvements in the conections on transits Air/Air and transits Air/Bonded trucking , that we will inform further . 

After that , nice cod fish cakes followed by Shrimp we need to feed ourselves well as well...