Either air or ocean, we offer integrated service from pick up to overseas delivery according to the designated incoterms.

Between our main services we highlight:

- Customs clearance at the main Ports of Entry or Departure along with the issuance of all necessary export declarations and physical follow up to make it happen.

- AWB and BL issuance.

- Full coordination from pick up, inland, warehousing, containerization and delivery at the designated gateway.

- Booking and space confirmation with pro-active pre-alert and final pre-advice.

- Daily e-mail follow-up report sent locally and overseas.

- International insurance.

- Special project cargo such as temporary exports, Export ‘ficta’ to bonded facilities or to oil rigs working on the Brazilian cost etc.

- Close follow-up when handling special, restricted and bulky cargo until delivery at the specifically designated carrier.

Document Assistance

We offer complete documentation assistance such as:

- Invoice and Packing List issuance.

- Electronic Export Permit and the respective export dispatch order.

- Origin Certificate and Form A issuance.

- Currency exchange operations and LC analysis.

- Drawback conclusion.

- Temporary admission and repetro conclusion.

- Consulate paperwork.