In each of our business units, we count on well trained personnel to fully assist you according to the incoterms defined in your sales agreements.

We monitor your shipments as soon the order is placed up to the clearance and delivery, as you request.

Between our services we highlight:

- Customs clearance at the main Ports and Airports, issuing Import Licenses prior to arrival, Import Declarations as well as special procedures such as Agriculture, Army and Ambiental inspections, Temporary Admissions, Drawbacks, Repetro etc. needed to clear your cargo.

- Customs Tariff & Classification consultancy.

- Certificates and Attests issuance.

- International Insurance.

- Issuance of Inbound Tranfers from Port/Airport to any Bonded Station.

- Daily automated shipment follow-up sent by our software.

- Project Cargo and Temporary Admission.

While we have traditionally served the footwear, garment, pharmaceutical, dental, optical, chemical, perishables and oil & gas markets, our expertise lends itself to the management of all types of goods.


Either air or ocean, we offer integrated service from pick up to overseas delivery according to the designated incoterms.

Between our main services we highlight:

- Customs clearance at the main Ports of Entry or Departure along with the issuance of all necessary export declarations and physical follow up to make it happen.

- AWB and BL issuance.

- Full coordination from pick up, inland, warehousing, containerization and delivery at the designated gateway.

- Booking and space confirmation with pro-active pre-alert and final pre-advice.

- Daily e-mail follow-up report sent locally and overseas.

- International insurance.

- Special project cargo such as temporary exports, Export ‘ficta’ to bonded facilities or to oil rigs working on the Brazilian cost etc.

- Close follow-up when handling special, restricted and bulky cargo until delivery at the specifically designated carrier.

Document Assistance

We offer complete documentation assistance such as:

- Invoice and Packing List issuance.

- Electronic Export Permit and the respective export dispatch order.

- Origin Certificate and Form A issuance.

- Currency exchange operations and LC analysis.

- Drawback conclusion.

- Temporary admission and repetro conclusion.

- Consulate paperwork.