Today we were visited by ShoParts CGO, Roy Yap and André Henrique in between their sales calls. Always welcome!!

Agentes de cargas não respondem por danos durante transporte, diz TJ-SP ( fonte Conjur )

Dear Customers & Partners , we , from all our offices Brazilwise , wish you great hollidays time , and a world more straight forward in 2020 , with good health & spirits


Today we were visited by our H.Sud partner Cristiane Megedanz, together with our NH Ocean Supervisor Luciane França and myself


During the Offshore Technology Congress, We had the pleasure to be at the Holland cocktail at the Duch "Consul" facilities in Rio. This was a great business Networking event that we want, also as a Dutch  descent company, to public express our gratitude to Mr,. Roland Martin and Dutcham  team for the kind hospitality and attention to us and all present.

Transport and clear a specific mining Dredger to act at our mine dams

We are proud to transport and clear a specific mining Dredger to
act at our mine dams , and improuves security at those places ,  including Brumadinho Mining Dam , who recently  suffered  terrible losses of life due to a Mine Dam Colapse .
Welcome New Dredge!!!