This week we were present at the IBAS International Brazil Air Show , who the main theme was the high tech with a clean energy focus.

Dear Customers and Partners , 

This wednesday we had the pleasure of being at a GIG workshop together with our Import Supervisor , our Import Coordinator and our Airport Customs Broker .

This Seminar was about the  new system to be implemented in all brazilian airports , focusing, better performance and costs reduction in our imports procedures. 

This new system called CCT(Controle de Carga em Transito) to be effective

July 2020 , will make us , the Forwarders , the responsible party to fullfill the HAWB into their new System 4 hours prior aircraft parking . 

HAWB to be fullfilled with the usual information , such as Consignee details with Tax ID , if CCL or PPD , if wooden crated with the fumigation certification informed , etc . 

Weight tolerance will keep the 5% max.

There is also improuvements in the conections on transits Air/Air and transits Air/Bonded trucking , that we will inform further . 

After that , nice cod fish cakes followed by Shrimp we need to feed ourselves well as well...

We are glad to receive today in our Rio office Mrs. Ana Chaparro and her new member Mr. Guilhermo (Chollito). Active in our office as Commercial & Princing Professional, Ana is now focusing her new challenge as mother in New Orleans and kindly visited us!

Signing of mutual cooperation agreement for distribution of spare parts of vessels

On August, 8th, 2019 we were proud to sign a mutual cooperation contract for Vessel's Spare Parts distribution Brazilwise through an e-business system, to dinamize the Vessel's Spare Parts demand and to better supply this important industry.


We are very happy and proud for another great project with Tecon in Salvador. A crew boat being exported for a new contract overseas. We thanks our customer for the trust in our services. Congratulation to everyone involved for the commintment and safe job!

Estamos muito felizes e orgulhosos por outro grande projeto com a Tecon em Salvador. Um barco do grupo que está sendo exportado para um contrato novo no ultramar. Agradecemos ao nosso cliente pela confiança nos nossos serviços. Felicação a todos os envolvidos para o compromisso e trabalho seguro!