Canton Fair Attendance - L.I.N.K. 2014

Canton Fair Attendance - L.I.N.K. 2014 

After good research and feedback from the members the LINK board decided that the Canton Fair in Guangzhou China would be this year's first L.I.N.K. event.

Agents from our network, coming from all over the world, will attend and support on going and new customers during the event.

The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair and will be open for a period of three (3) weeks. It will be split up in Food and Non- food in technical parts and textiles.

Click below for hyperlink to the Canton Fair via LINK website .

The Year of Brazil in Portugal

Ultramar has managed the logistics of the staging materials for the clebrations of the The Year of Brazil in Portugal. The staging materials will be used in outstanding Brazilian theater plays such as "Sinless Woman" e "The Embittered Saint".  

Ultramar was also in charge of the staging materials for Maria Bethania's show, the acclaimed singer who will close the cycle of Brazilian artistic performances in Portugal.

 The Year of Brazil in Portugal, which will run until next June, offers a wide range of Brazilian cultural and artistic expressions including circus performances, shows by several icons of contemporary Brazilian music, theater and dance.          

Ultramar delivers state-of-the-art equipment to the Sugar Loaf Cable Car in Rio de Janeiro

Ultramar is proud to have served the world famous Sugar Loaf Cable Car of Rio de Janeiro as it celebrates its first centennial of operations. In its 100 years of existence, over 31 million visitors have been transported, accident-free, over the town's scenic hills and beaches. Ultramar played a significant role in the Cable Car's consistent policy of investment in technology and state-of-the-art equipment by delivering the European hardware for its new operating system in a safe and timely manner.

Mission accomplished for one of the most cherished Brazilian landmarks.

Ultramar handled the complete logistics for the State Gas Company in Rio in a couple of projects

The service consisted of monitoring the unloading of the pipes from the vessel, customs clearance, handling and laying them out on the terminal, truck loading and transfer as well as setting them on the yard in Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo for the client using two large overhead cranes, simultaneously.
These are coated pipes used for gas transportation and that can not suffer any dammage due to colision. In total, there were 2,700 tons and  4.157 pipes of 12 meters long for the following projects:

- Gas supply to the Itapetininga(SP) region, result of the conquest of new markets by our client:  10,6 kms of pipes
- Presidente Kennedy : Reinforcement to the existing gas service in the area  - 24 kms  
- UTE Baixada - Ducts to supply gás to the thermoelectric- 13 kms
- Coca-Cola : Ducts to supply this client at one of their facilities (Estrada dos Bandeirantes) - 3 kms

Ultramar Chartered an Exclusive Flight, MD11-F, to Dakar,Senegal.

The mission: to transport HIV medication for combating AIDS in Africa as well as the equipment that will be used for the new census of the population. The final destination of the cargo were two African nations. Logistics went through successfully and as scheduled!

Falklands war wounds

Monday marks the 30th anniversary of the start of the war over the Falklands, which Argentina calls Las Malvinas.Britain won the 74-day war that began with an Argentine invasion attempt, but Argentina still presses claims to the islands, which are home to more than 3,000 people."Thirty years ago today, the people of the Falkland Islands suffered an act of aggression that sought to rob them of their freedom and their way of life. ... Today is a day for commemoration and reflection; a day to remember all those who lost their lives in the conflict," British Prime Minister David Cameron said to mark the day.

Opinion: World must not

Over the last few days the authorities have opened a new front in their mission to suppress the flow of information coming from Syria.The house which I and other international journalists used as a base in Homs was destroyed in a rocket attack that killed my friends and colleagues Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik.This building was the hub from which many local activists bravely transmitted the images that have kept an open window through which the world has viewed the onslaught of the Assad military against the men, women and children of Baba Amr. The house is now a pile of rubble, the activists dispersed.

Syria promises

United Nations (CNN) -- The Syrian government has agreed to begin immediately to pull its forces out of population centers and will complete its withdrawal by April 10, diplomatic officials told reporters Monday.The Syrian foreign minister made that promise to U.N. special envoy Kofi Annan, according to Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the world body. And Syria's ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, said Syria is committed to the success of Annan's peace plan, which calls for the withdrawal of Syrian forces as well as those of the opposition.